Everyone needs to read Carrie Fisher's "Surrender the Pink".

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Now for the silly software plugins. For those of you who don't know whether to blog your manifesto or create a massive 47 Tweet tweetstorm, now you can do both!
JJJ's new plugin for WP Publishiza let's you blog and then automatically makes it into a Tweetstorm.


Heard Prokoviev's "Troika" on the way into work. Is it actually the same tune as "Sumer is Icumen in"? Because that is now what is stuck in my head @lauraritchie

I do like mynoise.net/ when I'm trying to write. Been donating for a while, well worth it for long periods of reading/writing/concentration.

7:32am train to London is cancelled. After digging the car out of the first frost of the season I'm standing in the station holding a strong coffee and wondering - how do other people deal with early mornings?

Do people know about Audrey Watters/Kin Lane's podcast? If you're not on board yet it's a good listen on the politics of ed tech (and the ed tech of politics, increasingly): soundcloud.com/kinlane

OK, shows over people - @DonnaLanclos is here.

I don't know if people are still sharing what I guess future generations will know as "trump-lit", but this is an affecting and sober exploration of the idea of "Fake disruption followed by institutional paralysis". lrb.co.uk/v38/n23/david-runcim

Thinking that in 2009 is "tweetdeck" (RIP) would have simply supported mastodon via the api and we'd be moving over here a lot faster. I miss the old tweetdeck.

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So - I can install a one of these on my domain and then... boom ... distributed self-owned social media lols? Or is it more difficult than that.


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