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Been studying arms today. Long overdue to strengthen my anatomy skills.

"The things we see every day are the things we never see at all." (Chesterton)

Beware of political groups that seem more interested in changing meaning of words than content of laws. That is what cults do.

Leftists do not care about changing the laws nearly as much as they care about changing the meaning of words.

I have a working theory that modern socialists are anti-social.

AI played 200 years of Star Craft 2 against itself to beat a human champion.

World leaders, when surveyed, demonstrate one thing: how exceptional A. Lincoln was.

"Avoidance of sun exposure is a risk factor of a similar magnitude as smoking, in terms of life expectancy." (Dr. Lindqvist)

Top programmers read more code than they write.

A communist says: 'All yours is mine;' but a Christian, 'all mine is yours.' Spurgeon

Tolerance is choice to limit the exercise your power over others. Love is not that.

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Assyrian soldier crosses a river on inflated sheep skin, 8th - 7th BCE[770x479]

Police in USA are not required by law to protect you, unless you are in their custody.

"The more excellent anything is, the more will be the counterfeits of it." (Edwards)

"Getting a humiliating story into the papers used to require convincing an editor to run it, which meant passing their standards of newsworthiness and corroborating evidence." (Helen Andrews)

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With Microsoft adopting Chromium as the engine for Edge it's important for freedom-supporting folks to help prevent a monopoly. If you drifted away from Firefox over the years then now is a great time to come back! Lots has changed in the last 18 months so give it a try today (if you're not already using it).

I have never met a person who believes salvation is attainable by works alone.

"Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer."

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