Fitness is a state of mind, to which the body conforms.

50% of households in Berlin consist of only one person.

Feelings make poor substitutes for convictions.

There is no greater cognitive blocker than the first kilogram of .

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TIL that Apple two-factor auth can no longer be turned back off once turned on.

A theif took police cheif Bruno's tires. Bruno is relentless and tireless in pursuit.

God does not entrust more souls to a church than she is prepared to disciple.

Radicals rarely bring tyrants to power, docile citizens often.

"The favour of ignoble men can be won only by ignoble means." (Seneca)

There are fewer atheists in the world today than there were in 1970.

“If you have not chosen the kingdom of God, it will in the end make no difference what you have chosen instead.” (C.S. Lewis)

"When I admonish you to confession, I am admonishing you to be a Christian." (Luther)

If you take lecture notes using the computer, you waste 50% of the knowledge you might have had.

"Socialism is not an alternative to capitalism. It is an alternative to religion," - Nikolai Berdyaev.

"The great power with the best foreign intelligence during the few years before the First World War continued to be Tsarist Russia." (Christopher Andrew)

Theology of talents makes or breaks the economics of labor.

"Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." (A. Clarke)

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