Follow Soupault 2.6.0 offers some bug fixes and configurable index entry sort (calendar, numeric, or lexicographic).

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@dmbaturin Thanks! Just a remark, you may have a typo in your announcement:

Fixed empty page output in a situation when the config has generator_mode = false and generator_mode = false, and the page lacks an <HTML> element (#27).

@lthms Oh, indeed. It should have been "when generator_mode=false and keep_doctype=false", fixed it now.

@dmbaturin there is also

However, it still was a rather inflexible design. Some people


@lthms I guess the lesson is that writing release announcements while sleep-deprived is a bad idea.

@dmbaturin it’s better than writing no release announcements at all!

@lthms It actually bothers me how many projects don't have informative documentation or even release notes.

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