the thing about software is that we do have a lot of curmudgeons whining about how much better things were in the good old days

it's just that they're all, like, 24

things have devolved so much in 10 years that people who were using Linux as teenagers got to glimpse a future that is now, entirely and deeply, shut to us. and we HATE IT

when i was 15 years old i had chat accounts on four services which i interacted with entirely through Pidgin and that's how I talked to all my friends.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others looked the future of user-centric, high-choice, high-freedom software in the face and decided to kill it. That's unforgivable.


@tindall It's a grim reminder that we cannot have a future for free. The only way to have it is to build it, fight those who create obstacles for it, and inform the uninitiated about the harms of FAANG.
I don't believe there's no way to win.

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@dmbaturin @tindall the internet has been ruined for as long as the advertisers have been involved in it, this is progress to them... They want us to be serfs stuck in their walled gardens with no escape from their targeted ads. We need to keep fighting...

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