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"wait - the webserver needs to be accessed from outside the internal campus networks? that's a HUGE vulnerability. we'll need someone to approve that!"

It's. A. Webserver. That's literally what it is intended to do. You know, being accessed by people out on the internet somewhere.

And I just got a nice $80 ticket in the mail from campus parking, from when I had the audacity to briefly park beside the loading dock for 10 minutes while dropping off Christmas gifts to staff at the TI over the break. Awesome.

“Hey. You should eat some breakfast before you leave for school.”



OpenEd rant/bitterness 

the co-option was already well under way by the time I left the field, but every time I see "open education" and "open educational resource" reduced to "open textbooks" not only does it make me want to scream, it is doubly so when I then read think pieces about "no free lunches" and the "cost of quality." Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies and moved goalposts. But hey, it's a living, amiright?

Updated UCalgaryBlogs to WP5 yesterday, and all plugins/themes. a few hours later, server appeared compromised, sending over 150K spam emails. IT knocked it offline to figure out what's up. I'm so tired of running web software.

Now that I’ve paused my PhD for almost a year (pre-candidacy, so not even ABD), I’m no longer sure I’ll unpause it later. And I’m ok with that.

Dementia is a hell of a thing. 83 does not sound like fun.

taking a day off to rest a bit. what do I do? check emails. check RSS feeds. send emails. stare blankly at twitter for a bit. time to seriously unplug for awhile. is that still a thing?

digital media companies: "Direct streaming will disrupt the Big Cable companies! Cheap streaming will end illegal downloads!"

Also digital media companies: "Be sure you subscribe, separately, to Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime, CraveTV, HBO Go, etc. and definitely also keep your cable package so you can get the rest of it too. Disruption! WOO! Oh, and we're gonna put ads in your digital streaming shows, too. WINNING!"

the one where he sends a less-than-diplomatic email to various people in IT to express frustration with an apparent ad hoc requirements goalpost-moving process. remember when D'Arcy worked here? that was awesome.

we got nailed by malware back in 2016. we paid $20K to get key systems unlocked, and likely $millions afterward on consultants and new security. awesome. All of this is money that could have been used for teaching and learning.

Got 100% on a test today. Sure, it was just one of those “Are You Burned Out?” questionnaires, but still. Nailed it!

this week's episode of Adventures of Enterprise IT Security Reviews…

Why in hell do organizations force both english and french acronyms into a domain name? Often followed by a language picker to get to the right site. Stupidity.

have I mentioned lately how much I _LOVE_ the finer bits of the enterprise RFP process? 🤥

Every time the Pragmatists use "cost savings" or similar to justify Open, they shift the Overton window ever so slightly to the Right. In some cases, I don't doubt this is intentional

Here’s a transcript of my keynote address at the eCampus Ontario technology seminar and showcase in Toronto today. The talk is called “A Human Framework for Institutional Innovation.”

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