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Oh, just realized I should make a pinned toot. Here's my price sheet and some pertinent artist links.
Blog: (contains some nsfw art)

Hello mastodon friends, I've been a bit quiet since I've been doing holiday travel and spending time with family, but I wanted to pop in and say I made a telegram channel for my art.
Please be aware that some content will be adult/nsfw and you should not follow this channel if you are under 18 or do not want to see adult artwork

Mostly sfw furry art, nipples visible through shirt 

I went to CALA today, bought some graphic novels, ate good foodtruck fries, hung out with friends, and made a Devil Dog button

Here's a preview of something I'm working on. Y'all may know I already did a run of pride flag stickers with toony wolves (gay, lesbian, bi, trans, pan, non binary) but I wanted to do some more.

Left to right, from top to bottom: aromantic, genderqueer, genderfluid, intersex, agender, and asexual.

What do y'all think?

Hello Masto friends, I'm sorry it's been yet another stretch of time since I updated! Life's been busy busy. Got home from a big trip to the Netherlands on Thanksgiving itself, celebrated my birthday over the weekend, and I've been drawing up a storm and selling lots of vintage goods

Oh!! And before I forget to tell everyone, I'm going to the Netherlands this upcoming Monday. I haven't seen my family there in about a decade so I'm very excited.

I have a somewhat big backlog of art to post here but I do not want to spam.

Also: I helped put my friend's costume together and thrift for the parts. The pauldrons on their shoulders are actually skull masks.

Here's some photos from our wonderful Halloween. A friend invited us to their show and it was a perfect opportunity for cool costume pics. Me in the Anubis, my spouse Anfael in the baphomet, and our friend in the armor and corpse paint. (they/them pronouns for all of us)

Hey masto pals! Sorry I haven't been posting as much but things have been busy. Here's a recent harvest themed piece I made with my Devil Dog character.

Here's the next batch of my drawings for . I didn't get to finish all of each day's drawings but I'm working on them.

Here's a centaur, chupacabra, cerberus, and a cockatrice

Here's a batch of drawings for , all mythical beasties from an older prompt that ThornwolfArt made for a previous year.

Here's an Akhlut, Baku, Calygreyhound, and a Capricon.

Oops, haven't been posting too much here as I've been a little busy. I'll be uploading my inktober pieces in a bit and sharing a bit of my thrifting adventures soon.

Hello again masto friends. I was in San Fran over the weekend. Gosh!

Here's some sketches from today. I'm brainstorming some sticker concepts. Snouts, a hyaenodon, a possum in a cowboy boot, and some foxes.

Heya folks! I just made some examples for "your OC/fursona as a vintage figurine" badges. The kind you might find in a thrift or antiques store. $35, + $5 if you want them laminated/ready to wear. Can do a text free version if you prefer. DM or email if you're interested.

I think this account will be generally be artwork (sfw) and some of my thrifting and vintage finds. I'd like to make an AD for my adult work but not sure which instance to choose for that.

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