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Digging out my Instagram and feeling pretty pleased that I have done some nice artwork and taken fun selfies. This year has been very disrupted but also feels like I've managed to enjoy some nice things. Be nice to yourselves and recognise the effort you put in.

One of the casualties of the pandemic is that I haven’t been to the nail salon since February!! I miss my colourful nails. 💅🏼

‪This is cool!‬

‪Running on original hardware and looking great. ‬

Hope your day is going better than this panicked game card’s day!
Thanks, Son Son 2 manual.

Today I made things and felt okay about it!
I want to keep building modestly and finish a thing in September.

Having a difficult couple of days thanks to a 1-2 punch of the Games Industry shitshow and a last-minute rejection of a project I worked through the bank holiday for.

Taking my foot off the accelerator feels well earned. Look after yourselves, folks.

Is it a bad idea to skip the story in Mutant Year Zero? Post apocalyptic games all blend into one. Pig and Duck may as well be Joel and Ellie.

Bravo to Huawei for smuggling a periscope between F6 and F7. What's hidden in your keyboard?

Epic Games Store questions 

Are there any sensible reasons why developers shouldn't put their games on the Epic Game Store with timed exclusivity?
This has happened plenty of times with consoles, Windows store, and others.

Best thing I've done today is drop someone on hellsite for criticising the oob devs and retweeting Boogie.

Question for German speakers and localisation folk! Does anyone have any experience with games/comics with German equivalents of 'they' as a non-binary pronoun? Any examples or articles?

I only wanted to walk like a penguin... (standard hi-res)
The Spy's Adventures in South America (Apple II, 1988)

Mandatory sign up and login for Zenimax account before playing Doom on Switch, wtf.
I gave them

Apparently unity offer trial licenses for console ports to try them out, but most people upgrade before taking their screenshots.

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‪Why do all the screenshots for Doom on Switch have ‘trial version’ in the corner? ‬

Trying to play Caves of Qud for the first time on my tablet PC was probably a mistake.
The interface seems closer to Blender than most games I’ve played.

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