I mean, I don't currently do gift baskets, but you know... it's such a peculiar idea, that I just HAVE to think about what a gift basket from a programmer would be.



Something else?

@doctormo Aren't stickers mandatory already? (plus I have this free spot on my laptop for a nice sticker, isn't that an incredible coincidence?) πŸ˜‡

That said, I would go for a dedicated splash screen (+ the already mentioned mandatory sticker, of course) πŸ˜‹

@doctormo I was answering your question re what a dev gift basket could contain. But, if I was to get an Inkscape sticker, I would proudly put it on my laptop.

Beside a browser, LibreOffice and, more recently, Emacs, Inkscape is one of my most used app & one that convinced me I could switch to GNU/Linux.

(can't contribute code back or time either, but I made a donation and it may also be possible I'm one of your Patreon, albeit under a different name than this one πŸ˜‰)

@yaglb Ah well, which sticker would you go for, if you could choose?

The default trademark, one of the drink themed stickers, one of the about screen themed stickers or something else?

@doctormo Depends the intention when using the sticker. I would go for the official icon because it seems to me the most efficient way to promote the Inkscape 'brand' but I have a soft spot for brightly colored stuff too. So, I really don't know ;)



This is the generic sticker from Inkscape. It's aluminium (aluminum)

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@doctormo I am fine with either aluminium or aluminum worry not, I am French :P

(and it seems to look nice, btw)

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