I mean, I don't currently do gift baskets, but you know... it's such a peculiar idea, that I just HAVE to think about what a gift basket from a programmer would be.



Something else?

A good solution is to mention the patreons in the "About" section of the software itself. I am sure you can automate this task :)

Merch stuff is mostly crap made in china and not very eco and human friendly....


@pocketvj This makes sense and I think if I ever did make merch, it would be made by me, or say for stickers somewhat much more local like LustreCal.

As for the software itself. Inkscape is a charity. So the community controls what goes into it as a consensus. One day I hope we'll get to the point where paid development isn't such a dirty idea. But people are rightfully, extremely cautious about mixing project decisions with business ones.

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