This news from Gimp is very similar to where we are in Inkscape: with users unaware of how difficult it is to fund development via charity funds. Well done gimp for being brave and promoting their patreon supported developers!


You know, if people want to bribe them into changing their name, here would be a good opportunity.

@suetanvil *pay* them to. Instantiating a brand isn't cheap. Although yes, more user involvement would be really good for things like name as they could ask people with a vested interested.


Yeah, I should have avoided the jokeyness since we don't really know each other.

That being said, I'm convinced that the name (a slur in some cultures) is becoming a liability to the project. A gradual shift to something less troublesome would be a worthwhile move and the developers have been pretty hostile to those suggestions.

Adding a carrot may be a better approach.


@suetanvil I maintain that the best aproach would be to have dual names. The project can be Gimp, it can be the gimp package in any linux distro that wants it and just have another brand name. Corporations do this all the time, same car, different badge.

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