This week I make a start on multi-page support in and explain why I won't be working on art-boards/frames yet. See the video here:

I'm going to be working on this Inkscape feature proportionally so if you'd like more, please do subscribe!

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@doctormo Very interesting.

Also, thx for taking the time to explain us how you will work on Inkscape from now on. I would love to be able to support your work much more than I do now, but be assured I'll keep on supporting it for as long as I can.

@doctormo Regarding support: I can not level up my patreon support ('cause no income stability) but, on occasions, I may be able to donate more. Is there a way that would not requiere me to commit on a montly basis (beside donating to Inkscape itself, which I already did)?

@yaglb I think what I need is to reach more people. The problem is that to get 700 supporters I need to reach a few million inkscape users 😅

So, don't stress about it, you're doing your part in this project. 👍 Thank you!

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