@Cheeseness Someone's been asking about a game's showcase in the inkscape gallery. I added one, and put your hive time game in as an example. If this isn't suitable, let me know!


@doctormo Thanks! Might be better to link to the game's webstite at hivetime.twolofbees.com/ (I don't expect to publish it anywhere else, but I figure store-agnostic URLs are better).

@doctormo If there's a workflow for submitting changes, I'd be happy to do that - I'm a bit out of the loop these days and didn't even realise that the Inkscape site had a gallery :D

@Cheeseness it's not something we're practised at using well. But it's a very powerful website (self boast).

If you have an inkscape.org user, I can move the entry to that account and you can edit whenever.

@doctormo I don't, but I'll put setting one up onto my todo list ^_^


@Cheeseness Link updated either way. Thanks for having a game to populate the empty gallery with 😄

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