being a FOSS dev is a life of seeing people reposting how FOSS is trash and devs should be ashamed right next to reposts of FOSS is thankless work and someone should make this less shitty somehow, who could do it, both of them right on your timeline, on the regular

it's cool, it's good



I do like the posts I sometimes get from fans who say "I really like how you deal with some of the Inkscape shitposts, you don't always get a positive response, but sometimes you do"

I don't mind if a person shits all over Inkscape. But there are some swearwords I really hate: "freeware", "should", "just" and "gratis". Because they undermine a healthy relationship between participating user and serving developer with a toxic "it's freeware! you should just make this feature gratis!"

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one of the most unfortunate things about english language is that the word that describes something doesn't cost anything and the word that means something has freedom is the same.

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