hot take: when you click the X on a window for a program, it should close the program, it shouldn't hide the window and continue running in the background, it shouldn't minimize itself to your panel, it should just close

@doctormo if this was a real feature i'd legitimately consider switching to gnome

@doctormo @mjdxp GNOME does not take user requests.

You will like the desktop they give you. Or else.

@newt @mjdxp

I am thinking of a way around that.

Perhaps we register a square of the screen with the window manager that if pressed, killed a specific pid. No matter what was going on with that pid, the wm could murder it.

@newt @mjdxp Well yes, if we didn't want to have spicy pirate buttons.

There is a gnome extension already for killing apps, I'm going to install it and see if i can kill some stuff.

@doctormo @newt @mjdxp if spicy pirate buttons is what you want, can't you add it to the panel and then have it act like Plasma's shortcut from there? (eg click the window to kill)
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