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We've been talking about creating a curriculum for since that's one way of lowering the barriers to entry unilaterally. Once armed with solid educational material, other teachers can be brought onboard.

Done-ish 361 bunnies 36x36 vector images (public post, creative commons) patreon.com/posts/bunny-350-ic

Want some icons or portraits? You can #commission me and help me get a new tablet. ^^

#bunny #emoji #inkscape #commissionOpen

How many vi for such a non nano notepad, plus less gedit because it's sublime but kate-rs too much and weighs more than a led atom.

@flog Edited in Inkscape, I believe the person that made the original animation for me used Illustrator. But I've done many more things inkscape.org/~doctormo/galleri

@ChameleonScales The colours are read in and converted to the sRGB colourspace for cairo rendering.

@veer66 Has this been reported to the new bug tracker on GitLab yet?

@ingodwetryst@switter.at It's when they try and twist my panties without asking that it gets a bit rude.

I want to setup a Facebook replacement for friends and family, what Fediverse/Federated world should I look into first? It must be able to make a good first impression for people who'll be encouraged to keep two social media accounts.

Google is modifying Chrome so that extensions won't be able to alter or block whatever the page contains. This is a further step towards making browsers serve businesses that use Web sites to snoop and manipulate rather than to serve users. https://u.fsf.org/2r6

I think that is an old attitude now. Lots of devs still operate like that, but it's getting better. If you don't like it sign up to my patreon. That's still wrong on some level, but accurate too.

Closed or open isn't the same as paid or unpaid. Two examples, Facebook is closed, but it's also unpaid, that means users are not central to it's development. Conversely, Linux is mostly paid development that serves the interests of the people that pay.

The moons are interesting to me, all three appear to have large basalt lava lakes on their north eastern sides, as if they'd all been hit by a meteor on that same side. The animated panel also doesn't seem to have three moons in the same way as the first.

SVG animation would be a) slow b) hard to make c) not supported widely, and I should know, I work on inkscape. More examples of svg animation would be good for the industry though as it proves it's in use and in the wild.
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