After a bit of a crumple zone, the 1.1.1 release is finally live:

Apologise to those waiting, we ran out of windows packager help. If you're interested in helping Inkscape with windows build management tasks, please do come to the chat!

@paolo @libreoffice

1 in 20 isn't terrible, although there's a lot more education that needs to happen. The perception of people getting handouts instead of being part of a productive cooperative is as corrosive as it is pervasive.

Page Editing, multi page colouring, and lots more fixes in this week's developer update; come watch and support my work if you're able to.

Next week will be admin work, see video for details.

@iooioio I've already nija'ed the link into my profile since I figured this might be your response πŸ˜…

@iooioio LOL, it's because mastodon is the only program I'm letting make a noise, it's just such an inoffensive noise.

@iooioio Support my work if you can, I'm running low number of hours a week and looking for more supporters to help.

*pretty please*

Pretty much pretty pages.

Quick sample of the different between last week and this week's pages. Big thanks to Mikekov for the feathered page shadows, looking really professional.

@lightweight @alcinnz @openrisk

That looks like a pretty good article to me. Especially since it sings of corruption and a lack of seriousness about just how important local technology is, both politically, and economically to a small power like nz. Stuff in the bit about techno-colonialism and shop it around and see if there's someone who'll take it :-D

@lightweight @alcinnz @openrisk That's when you do counter-journalism, and phone the journalists, say you're writing an article about tech-journalists attention on big stuff and ignoring local companies and ask them some questions.

Big thanks to RJones for embroidering this developer shirt for me. You can't quite see the metallic thread, but it shines like a lighthouse.

Also shout out to inkstitch for allowing inkscape to do embroidery work.

More multi-page work this week, but also crash fixes for guidelines and paste style issues in this week's developer update:

Big thank you to all my supporters, thanks everyone! More multi-page work to come this week!

The fruit phone hysteria is pure mad. I know it's a minority of people overall, but yeesh it looks like a cult from the outside.

No one ever camped out all night to be the first to get the new Inkscape. πŸ˜›

This d20 poses the obvious question:

What's the probabilities of that nut?

@Mojeek That's a much better joke than it has any right to be.

@Cheeseness Link updated either way. Thanks for having a game to populate the empty gallery with πŸ˜„

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