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@Cheeseness it's not something we're practised at using well. But it's a very powerful website (self boast).

If you have an user, I can move the entry to that account and you can edit whenever.

If you make games with, would you be interested in being linked from the new games showcase gallery on the website? Submissions are open, use the "Link to Video or Resource" in the top right menu to add your entry.

@Cheeseness Someone's been asking about a game's showcase in the inkscape gallery. I added one, and put your hive time game in as an example. If this isn't suitable, let me know!

Page navigation in this week's update video: now it's possible to go forwards *AND* backwards through a list of pages! 🥳😊 More to come next week hopefully. Download links in video.

Thanks to all my lovely sponsors!

Doing a "live-stream" on big blue button as I make some of the inkscape multi-page widgets if anyone is interested in watching:

@suetanvil That is clearly upper fiddle-case indicated a static enum.

The post describes some of the why, but I want to draw attention to the video chat that @doctormo is hosting tomorrow to gather more ideas and work on language.

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Thanks goes to everyone who joined in the fun and got all of these (and more) backported to the 1.1.1 release. We even managed to fix a couple of crashes too.

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We wanted to put out an 1.1.1 which fixed some of the crashes since the release, but there's a bit of work to do to make sure they're all ported in, so we're all doing a a live stream/video call for the next 4 hours to tackle crashes (and have some fun). 🥳

@clacke is the very definition of "You wrote WHAT for your open source project"

It's a django website that I've been tending to for years, it's got a ton of functionality not found elsewhere. From forums, galleries, releases and even calendars. It's pure madness.

Thanks Kavya, I'm so excited to see where we go from here!


As I wrap up my Outreachy internship, I would like to thank the entire community and especially my mentor Martin Owens ( for his constant guidance and support.
I am really grateful to and for this great experience.


Saving AND Loading multiple pages, well now, this week I update everyone on multi-page week 5 and the prospectus for the design:

Thanks everyone who's supporting my work on patreon and liberapay, you guys rock so much!

Dear twitter: what is the word for "when searching, being able to picture a lost item in every location you can think to look"?

A feeling which makes you look for you keys in the fridge.

I put my finger on it.


Can't quite put my finger on it, but something seems wrong with this multi-page pdf output from 😜🤔


anti-abortion bullshit, possibility to annoy the conservatives 

So apparently there's this site for snitching on people getting abortions with the new bullshit Texas law

Well, here's a link, have fun poisoning their data

Btw remember to keep the stuff sort of realistic so it's harder to filter out programmatically

Also I wouldn't have anything against some competent cracker going ham on their little wordpress form, sadly am not competent myself

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