wendy's is going to get a mastodon and, now free of the restrictions of twitter's terms and services, will absolutely go apeshit on anyone who dares to tarnish the wendys brand

@doggeaux wendy's is gonna be the next twitch streamer to drop a hard R

@doggeaux though if you want frosties for life, the exchange rate on boosts to retweets is pretty favorable

@Airplane_flight wendy's tooting a photo of some goons outside your house with tire irons

@doggeaux That means no more 'naughty child quiet time' for giving Wendy's shit about their tomatoes

@doggeaux they gonna be droppin bodies fresh but never frozen

@doggeaux nah man this is going to be a lesser known brand's time to shine

some 2 store chain from ohio is going to log on and and be incredibly wholesome and win everyone over

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