Here is my Debian report for Feb 2020:


February is also nice in a sense that Debian 6.0 (aka squeeze) was released on Feb 6, 2011:

So, here is the default wallpaper for squeeze by Valessio Brito:

UDD to the rescue! New blogpost on how to easily answer one user's question. Praise to UDD!



Here is my Debian report for Jan 2020:

By the way, also I run transmission on one of my machines to share Debian netinstall iso images for amd64, i386, and multi-arch (amd64+i386). Currently it shares the following releases: 7.11, 8.11.1, 9.11, 10.2. In sum more than 150GB was uploaded to peers (statistics are reset with new release).


My report on what I have been doing for Debian in December 2019.

So... added 24 new DSAs to the official web-site, translated 18 DSAs, synchronized 4 po files with English originals, did 14 package uploads to the Debian archive, 2 uploads to the NEW queue, reviewed 104 spam reports in mailing lists.

And of course, Happy New Year to all of you!

🎉 🎊

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