I spent the morning giving feedback to a fellow writer on her latest draft of her novel. A handful of writers call on me to do this knowing that I will not mince words (kindly, though) and will, also, offer them strategies to revise/repair. I enjoy it, but it's exhausting to climb into someone else's brain, particularly as I wrestle with my own novel's demons. Hmmm, can I apply my advice to my own work? Sometimes one can see others' work more clearly than one's own.


@GeoffreyGevalt It's a certain skill to enter into the early writings of someone else -- to climb into their brain -- and find the means to express what you see, honestly but critically. Most writers have sensitive skins, and any comment can become a wound with early drafts. This is why, to your point, it is difficult to read critically of our own writing. We resist the wounds, even though we know such a look will likely make it better. You're a kind person to work with others like that.

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