"Do not feed the musicians!" the band director pleaded with a smile.
A few hundred students were waiting to perform as the jazz band took the stage. While they waited, the musicians, ages 12-14, were no doubt eyeing the treats available in the lobby.
"You play wind and brass instruments," she explained. "You use your breath. It's not good for your instruments if you play after just eating. Yuck. Families, do not feed the musicians!"
We all laughed, and then followed instructions.

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@dogtrax Our school has snack break travel around to sell treats to students in the classroom. Sometimes as sub-band teacher, I would just be playing a movie for the kids and they could actually participate in snack break. But we'd have to send a student to find the cart and tell them it was okay to stop by. (Apparently the band director only had to snarl at them to go away once and it stuck ha ha)

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