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She told her friends, I am not doing it. She told me, I am not doing it. She told the instructor, I may not do it. What she told herself, one can only guess. For there she was, climbing the rungs of the pole, and then walking out across the high wire up in the sky. We cheered her on from the ground, encouraging her every step of the way. She leaned back into the harness, softly landing, a smile beaming from her face. "I did it!" she shouted, and we cheered even louder.

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@dogtrax I have taken the 'liberty' of translating one of your small stories into a video with text: and a haikudeck with sound as well: My first time using sound with haikudeck so...

@tellio ahhh. Much appreciated. Always interesting to see things recast and reshaped through another’s lens and prism. I always have faith in your remix heart.