So, if I bought a Ford Truck instead of a Chevy Truck, who in my family would disown me?

I mean, I'm trans, sure. But this is a Ford in a Chevy family. This means something.

All the commercials from Tape #263 are up! Here's the whole playlist from the other tapes I pulled stuff off of for more ancient fun:

So, off of a 5 hour tape coming to 16 GB of video information, about 11 minutes of video was worth saving, mostly odd commercials. :)

This is the kind of thing I love scouring my old VHS tapes for:

Every since I learned the secret to a Whataburger was to brush the meat with mustard as it cooks, I've learned to make my own and it really hits the spot.

What makes Whataburger (and a lot of other burgers in Texas) different is mustard:

You know, that encoding doesn't look half bad for a 24 1/3 year old VHS tape recorded at slow speed. Sadly, the multi-generational stuff isn't too hot.

Getting harder to find working VHS hardware, but I'm back to encoding my old VHS collection. I now have most of the collection in other formats, but really, the encoding is for finding rarities like popular commercials or local programming.

Not bad looking for a twenty five year old tape.

I think I overdid it yesterday and am paying for it today. Trying to keep up the mood, so, here's some Crescent Fresh:

I literally ran out of time today. The house is clean for sure, laundrys' done for the most part, still a lot of dishes to do, too.

A quick trip the the grocery store for dinner and this week's (frozen) meals at 10PM leaves me not a lot of time to actually cook the food. But it'll get done before bed. But JUUUUST before bed.

I can't believe I need to say this....

You're not going to find your wife in any of these places:

- Night clubs
- Bars
- Tinder

She's going to be here:

- Drainage pipes
- Crawlspaces
- Behind you

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