We jamming! Making quick art for a little roguelike today :)

Learning so much from this analysis of Star Wars. Oh how I wish every critique was as smartly and positively put together!

Let's post more positive things here! I've just started playing DnD with a second group, and it's so heartwarming as always. This is Balther Sparklejam, my gnome alchemist ☺️✨

Therapy that day almost managed to break me open. Almost

Hello! Let's try actually using this thing for real, so we can ditch the other, more evil options

And I've got this new D&D character, Secret Wine, the catfolk bard who will gently ask before stealing your heart.

Hi all! I'm taking a day off tomorrow. I'll visit my parents, doodle in the bus, take some fresh air, continu reading my book (Wise Man's Fear). What will you do this week-end to rest?

Let's be humans for once. Let's try to make this a conversation, rather than screaming into a black hole.


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