Still tweaking (and will keep tweaking forever), but I much prefer the look and feel of these lighter icons.

Where are we at with full color- vs line-icons on iOS? I am not happy with how those came out, but it does reflect the current “Apple style” if you compare them to Apple Music and the App Store.

My little Mastodon client’s got a long way to go. I am mega happy with where I’m at after day 1. 💪

A few tiny constraints and this is already much nicer. Still with the funky markup, unfortunately.

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Alright so I still have to figure out Auto Layout and Stack Views, but this is a solid first try. So funky that the Mastodon-API returns HTML instead of leaving presentation up to the consumers of the API.

Cooper is helping me by chewing on his blanket. On his trampoline. Dude’s got a good life.

Baby steps, but: countries grouped by region, multi-line labels (MUCH easier than I remember this to be just a few years ago). Turns out SVG in UIKit is… not a thing? Skipping flags then.

Swift-milestone achieved: read data from an API ( here) and display it in custom UITableViewCells. 🎉

I appreciate that even Apple sometimes leaves some Lorem Ipsum in their teaching documents. 🙈 This one roughly translates to “search for ‘Label’, drag it to the screen and center it”.

I asked Cooper if he wanted to do some pair programming, but so far he’s not into the idea.

Oh this one’s nice! Because the compiler knows that `officeLightState` is a `LightState`, I can switch through the values as `.on` and `.off` instead of having to write `LightState.on` and ``. 🙌

Coming from JavaScript, the syntax seems unusual, yet just the kind of “refreshingly different” I am looking for. I was unreasonably excited when they showed off `.filter` and `.map` in the WWDC-video. 🤓

The first day of my three week vacation is also the first day I am digging into Swift and native iOS development. After almost exclusively working in React and React Native for a few years, I need to understand how native app-development is different.

Starting off with Apple’s own documentation:


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