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In learning a new programming language, I find it most difficult to know what to skip and what to take a closer look at. I don’t need to learn what loops and conditionals are for the twentieth time, but I do need to learn how they are different in Swift.

I appreciate that even Apple sometimes leaves some Lorem Ipsum in their teaching documents. 🙈 This one roughly translates to “search for ‘Label’, drag it to the screen and center it”.

I asked Cooper if he wanted to do some pair programming, but so far he’s not into the idea.

Oh this one’s nice! Because the compiler knows that `officeLightState` is a `LightState`, I can switch through the values as `.on` and `.off` instead of having to write `LightState.on` and ``. 🙌

Coming from JavaScript, the syntax seems unusual, yet just the kind of “refreshingly different” I am looking for. I was unreasonably excited when they showed off `.filter` and `.map` in the WWDC-video. 🤓

The first day of my three week vacation is also the first day I am digging into Swift and native iOS development. After almost exclusively working in React and React Native for a few years, I need to understand how native app-development is different.

Starting off with Apple’s own documentation:

We’re hosting a friend from Australia for the weekend, and she adorably pronounces “Wi-Fi” as if it were a single word.

“Can I have the password to your Whiffy?”

I didn’t know if she was trying to be flirty.

After having worked in React Native for a few months, I am itching to write a proper native iOS-app in Swift. Oh hey there Mastodon-API, what a nice coincidence.

Mastodon seems very refreshing so far. Most of the accounts I followed on birdsite are not on here (yet), so I get to discover much more interesting people to follow.

Wait it _is_ called “following” here, right?


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