had a dream about officewear tips, one of which was that you should always buy a second airplane seat for your tie

line somewhere in beckett noting how the souls in dante's purgatory are constantly exclaiming "i was" instead of "i shall be" is extremely job applications mood

the hot aesthetic of 2025 will be clicking through dozens of seperate, incompatible wifi access landing pages, each of which requires wildly varying amounts of personal detail / commitment in order to do the same thing

this also means the drop down occupation list is filled with illegal phantasm careers like "looking for work :p" or "trying to find job". messages in a bottle....

truly startling how difficult linkedin makes it to just describe yourself as "unemployed" - the closest i could find was listing my current position as "self-employed", and then writing a custom job title for my actual status. 100% employment!

glad to see the nightmare buzz level of the toy story game is exactly as offputting as i recall

mm insufferable but one of the nicer things about moving is getting to use up all my perishables.... making peppermint+honey tea with like a full third of the honey bottle is extremely addictive

wait is the currency of kingdom hearts called "munny"?? was their economic system designed by winnie the pooh??

i love the delirious urban paranoia of home alone 2 for nes. desk clerks hurl keys at your head to damage you. 1000 muggers lie waiting in a row to club you as you move through the park mastodon.social/media/2CTW8aJn

i think specifically it was a dream where i somehow had to make and release the next high profile resident evil game using the goblet grotto engine and there were 10,000 nerds complaining about the uv mapping

dreamed abt a cross between resident evil 2 and goblet grotto which was exactly as exhausting to play as that suggests

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