accidentally opened this app while trying to delete it

I’m hesitant to Toot much on here because it seems like it’s 100x easier to get banned than on twitter.

Like if Standard Oil got broken up because Teddy Roosevelt knew that Rockefeller kept calling him a sissy manlet.

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My dude is right. It would be incredible if Trump ends up regulating big tech monopolies like public utilities because he’s just personally angry at them.

@dongohuber Upon closer inspection, this appears to be a parody account, but that doesn’t really change my point.

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Twitter is gradually banning everyone until only this kind of tweet from this kind of person will be allowed.

Overheard my neighbor talking about how a cop kept asking for his name and he kept answering with “your mom” until he got arrested. Fight the power any way you know how, my friend

the biggest relief of my life is not knowing whats going on in the news anymore. i have absolutely no idea whats happening in the world, nor the desire to know, and its the best feeling

(Unicor is Federal Prison Industries, lazily rebranded)

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