BigQuery GIS visualization tool can now display much larger SQL query result sets, thanks to deckgl:


The open source loadersgl library, by the Uber visualization team, now includes a framework-independent glTF loader. Combined with deckgl, this is a very good way to do instanced 3D rendering on a map.

A-Frame Physics System v4 is available – Thanks to for the big contribution in this release: AmmoJS support!


On the deliberate holes in the American safety net, by
(from Give People Money)

Excellent panel on the practice of data visualization, with,, and

Bivy was a success: 10/10, would fall asleep watching the stars again. ☺️ Thanks for the loaner!

Adobe Dimension glTF support is looking really good.

Shade + is going to be a fun combination. 😁 by, coming March 15th on iOS.

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