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Humane by Design gives helpful vocabulary for design principles I've appreciated in the past, but never had a word for, and never mentally organized into coherent best practice. Think "all caught up" banners vs. infinite scrolling. 👏

Anybody here on Strava? Could use some inspiration and/or peer pressure. 🏃‍♂️

Topcoder sounds a lot like Fiverr for developers, not in a good way.

Just got an email asking for help with performance issues and coding for a project, with no mention of compensation but a link to sign up on Topcoder for more details. Am I missing something? 😕

Adobe Dimension glTF support is looking really good.

Longshot, but I'd love to find a way of accessing Blender's cached irradiance volume data (e.g. as SH coefficients?) through the Python API.

I'd love to find better resources on statistics and data science principles for programmers. Most seem focused on learning <some language>, more than underlying concepts. Code+math background is there, and I want to evaluate whether data is sound or a pattern is significant.

Shade + is going to be a fun combination. 😁 by, coming March 15th on iOS.

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