It’s “Bring your Space Ship to the Black Hole Forge” day. Backwards engineering in

I know, I know. It’s a box, okay. But it’s also my pizza plate!

“No Smoking but it’s okay to do an upside down pole dance”.

My Spacefarer EP “A Distant World” just dropped. Space music to explore to in No Man’s Sky, Elite or Everspace. Free on Bandcamp. Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and a dozen other online streaming services will be served next week.

Sie hätten ruhig mal draufschreiben können, dass er der Autor von Die Drei Sonnen ist und dass das ein Weltbestseller war.

Interesting times: My daughter asked a lot about Notre-Dame because of the fire and I asked her: “Should we go and take a look?” Of course we didn’t traveled all the way to Paris, we just took a look in Assassin's Creed Unity. One thing the game got right was architecture.

Played Everspace a lot these days. beautiful space sim slash roguelike.

Finally, the pins I designed for the Federation habe arrived. You can order them here at the Hub folk‘s Etsy:

Reached waypoint 11 of the expedition yesterday. 560 jumps. Phew!

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