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We watched the fireworks from our balcony last night but then we saw a squirrel running up and down a tree in panic and I couldn’t enjoy the view anymore. Maybe we should move on to other traditions on New Year‘s Eve.

I got my hands on some FIMO soft clay my daughter got for xmas. I think I will do this all day when I am really old, retired and for some unbelievable reason still alive.

Hatte einen Bao Burger mit Tofu Patty oben im Hauptbahnhof. Keine Vergleich zu den Bao Bros Burgern und leider inklusive Salatgurken-Sakrileg aber schlecht war er nicht. Die Chili-Mayo war recht dominant.

Back from the black. Unfortunately I did not get my Elite rank. But I made about 50 million credits and got the Pioneer rank

Wizard of Legend: Game of the Year simply because the Equestria Cape is absolutely awesome.

Below is such a beautiful game and an overall great idea but it’s so hard and its controls are often not really helpful when it comes to fight hard monsters. While trying to not die of hunger, cold and other nasty stuff.

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Just realized I was using semicolons in all of my Javascript code. Like an animal.

I made a Samurai Shodown II marquee for my Neo-Geo Mini as this game was one of my favourites when it came out.

I love using but the non-uniformity of the space between the dashed line and the bubble in the logo is infuriating 🔥

Katamari Damacy auf der Switch ist super, weil ein Leben ohne Katamari öde ist. Texthäppchen:

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