HK is now a regular Chinese city, under CCP law. Chinese laws are vague, on purpose, more like a swiss army knife rather than a scalpel, used for advantage.

The Emperor's rule in is iron fisted. Tight control of everything by the CCP. This is HK's future, 27 years early. The old HK that I knew will be mere mist on a warm morning.

Do not expect accommodation by the CCP. Foreigners in should note the treatment of foreigners within China. The party is over.

bans 59 Chinese apps, including Tiktok. has been walled for over a decade. Only now that other countries reciprocate. Leaking info from Chinese apps back to China is widespread and proven. Good for India.

The cleaving of the internet continues: World vs China. China's censorship goes to ridiculous lengths to control everything Chinese people see. This is sad for all worldwide.

Most Chinese are very curious about the world and want to learn more, not less.

Scant info on outbreak. SCMP reports 411 infections in Beijing, but 100 universities checked, 18 infections in Anxin, south-west of Beijing. 7M virus tests completed in Beijing?

Scant news, unknown reporting, but it does look like it is spreading.

Anshan, 400k people, total lockdown, style.

China tries to broker deal with : trade Huawei executive , held in Canada for extradition to the US for fraud, for the two Canadian Michaels.

Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, were arrested in China over 550 days ago, a week after Meng was arrested. They have been recently charged with espionage.

For the first time admits that the Michaels could be used for a political swap. This, Canada cannot do. We value our int'l agreements.

China's "Little Pinks", educated nationalistic students, who studied and live abroad, defend China in the media, but have tried and failed to return home.

has cut off return flights. They have been told to shelter in place and don't endanger the China by returning with . They feel abandoned.

There are a lot of them in the world, along with other Chinese nationals who cannot return. They, and my friends, wait impatiently, for a China policy change.

China bans imported salmon, people stop buying all imported seafood. China bans meat imports from due to at butchering plants. China already banned meat, grain from

Salmon found not to be the problem, damage already done.

Meat and other import prices in rise, hurting average Chinese people.

Chinese friends told me meat prices already so high they rarely buy meat. Further increases will put meat further out of reach.

plans an informal meeting with to discuss trade and other issues. Nothing formal, but they share very similar trade issues against China.

Like-minded countries who, before POTUS Trump, got along very well. Shared history, shared outlook.

If the US and EU could only get together and present a united front, or at least independent fronts but similar issues, we'd live on a safer and more equitable planet.

The has published a pretty thorough document on recommendations for cloth masks. This is extremely late for this but later than never.

There are recommendations for cloth used, number of layers, design, fit, care, all quite comprehensive and well written.

Too bad this advice is months late, too late to help when the virus left and travelled the world. This will be helpful for LAmerica and Africa.

China continues to deny they covered up the and says relations with foreign countries are the best they have been. Publishing a white paper must mean it is so.

Meanwhile Associated Press writes that the was frustrated when delayed disclosing virus information.

Utter Chinese chutzpa in the face of obvious reality. This cannot sway the globa'l community. We see for ourselves the damage of the virus on our economies and people. We know its origin.

WHO finally recommends face masks for where there is community spread (everywhere), where social distancing is difficult, on public transit, shopping, crowded places.

Late, waited too long for scientific proof, in a fast moving and highly infectious pandemic. At least SAmerica and Africa can benefit from their belated directives.

SEAsia, and lots of have already adopted face masks. Any slower and the would going backwards.

Some Chinese mock the as they see mayhem over blatant racism. What some Chinese do not see is that Americans are able to protest and let their feelings be known, the basis of free speech.

Such gatherings in would be quickly quelled, people beaten up, arrested, their social media researched, friends rounded up. They could be put into a black jail, location unknown to friends and family.

What is best for you? Ugly democracy and free speech, or totalitarianism?

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou meets the double criminality of and , clearing the way for extradition to the US.

She can appeal, which could take years.

Canada's government and judicial systems are completely independent. It would be illegal for the Canadian government to interfere in judicial cases. does not seem to understand this.

From expected Chinese retaliation, Canada will pay dearly for this, but it is a price we must bear.

China's Two Sessions political meetings of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference now being held in Beijing. Started on May 22, for 2 weeks.

I use and post daily on social media platform QQ, which has 809M people.

Today on QQ I lost the ability to send images to others, but can still take a photo of my image and send. I'm in Canada.

During each big political meeting in China I seem to lose some ability to either send messages, images, or post to my QQ wall or friends.

China forces citizens to download a app that gives you red/yellow/green rating. Red or yellow, and you must quarantine at home. Helpful, yes, but hugely invasive for privacy and security.

Now most of has controlled the corona virus, the app is still in use. There is no way the CCP will stop using this app to track and control people. More uses are being added.

Originally started in Hangzhou, this surveillance tool has spread all over China. Scary.

China is preparing to rely on their huge domestic market in order to survive. They see the huge pushback from foreign countries as they do wolf diplomacy and use trade as a political weapon. The world could freeze China out.

With 1.4B people the economy is huge and should sustain them. Past growth of 6% is but a dream. They are lucky to grow at all.

Meanwhile the rest of the world will experience a long and deep recession. No country will be spared. Hang on.

The is hitting the /West economy pretty hard. Addiction to consumerism was killing us anyway.

Buy less but better stuff, get off constant buying to feel good. Buy local, not cheap stuff from to make you feel better. Working from home, do you really need more stuff?

Reduce personal debt, pay off credit cards, hunker down for the long haul.

The new normal will be better than the old consumption normal. Less stuff but more internal satisfaction.

POTUS Trump visits Ford PPE/mask plant, but refuses to wear a mask in front of cameras. What a terrible role model for the US. No wonder the US has so many unnecessary deaths from the .

Criticize all you want. They may be deceitful and hide information, but at least they provide a good role model for their future CCP members.

The just looks like a leaderless nation running amok.

Hypocritical is the WHO, who does not recognize Taiwan and allow it at least observer status at the World Health Assembly, held this week, virtually.

blocks Taiwan. has an exemplary record for controlling the with a mere 440 cases and 7 deaths for 24M people. How much lower can you go?

The does not protect the whole world against health issues, but only the politically correct. Pathetic, immoral.

Sorry Taiwan, you are not red enough.

has rough relations with the last 1.5 years. After the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, for the US, we experienced the full wrath of the CCP. Canucks Michael's Kovrig and Spavor wallow in Chinese jail for 1.5 years, under (horrific) typical Chinese conditions.

Sanctions include bans on Canuck canola, wheat, beef and pork.

Similar "soft power" treatment has been used with Sweden, Norway, and Australia.

Beating up small countries shows a bad attitude.

has always been a CCP tool. Censorship is legendary. Years ago the law was changed to allow group threads as evidence in court.

CitizenLab has determined that non-China user content is being flagged and not displayed to people in China. This is a baby step but consistently repressive.

WeChat is purposely critical to live in China, part of their tech monitoring. people have no choice.

Use WeChat, QQ at your own risk. They see you.

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