In most new apartments are bought from plans before construction has begun. People then begin making mortgage payments. Real estate companies have taken this money and used it as working capital for expansion. Often the original apartments are not completed, leaving owners in trouble.

Some people have no choice but to move into unfinished apartments, which lack electricity, plumbing, water or sewage. How sad would life be if you were cheated like this?

A bus carrying people to a quarantine center in southern crashes, killing 27 people.

The CCP starts a biometric monitoring project of long distance bus drivers, logging vital signs and..mood. This data is available to the bus company management and the CCP.

Such monitoring has been tried before on people quarantined in China, as well as at the 2020 Summer Olympics. No one really knows where the data goes and for how long it will be kept. What is data privacy?

has a real estate (RE) bubble that is bursting. Buyers have stopped paying mortgages on apartments that are not completed. Funds from buyers given to RE co's have been squandered. Banks are caught in the middle, with no asset to back up a mortgage which they are now not receiving. Real estate accounts for 30% of the Chinese economy.

China's population is shrinking, with fewer marriages and even fewer kids. There is at least a 10 year over supply of apartments.

Those speech therapists are a pretty rowdy crowd, said no one. Except in , where the union's management were convicted for seditious publishing.

It seems that even children's cartoon books are not immune to CCP scrutiny in HK. Sentences are a max of 18 months, but since they've been in jail for a year now, they'll be soon set free.

Charging people under a sedition law for publishing children's books is pretty crazy, only in China.

Happy Independence Day! Though your troubles continue, the free world is on your side. Remember to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

continues to support Russia. Some things never change.

Slava Ukraine

Six months has passed, and the West has largely given up on the war. Old.

The West has done little to directly to limit Russia's invasion. Ukraine has been left alone to fight its own war against a much bigger military. Ukraine has suffered so much long-term destruction, so sad, but really the West only gives a casual shrug.

This is not how a United Nations and the world should treat a country that did not start this war.

continues Russian support .

All Chinese companies, entities, schools, individuals are required by law, to provide all data requested by the Chinese government. This is part of living in the modern Chinese socialist system. Failure to comply is illegal under Chinese law, and compliance is guaranteed.

There is no differentiation between domestic or foreign customers or data. If you use apps such as Tiktok, QQ, Wechat, you should know your privacy is at risk.

There have been multiple incidents in where Chinese women dressed in traditional Japanese clothing have been mocked, detained, arrested, their clothing confiscated by police.

It is technically not illegal to wear a kimono in China, there are risks. Local police can use arbitrary laws to arrest you. In many places China is intolerant of other cultures, especially the cultures of Japan and SKorea.

This case happened on a Japanese themed street in Suzhou

Chinese people visit an Ikea store in Shanghai. An announcement about a CoVid-19 close contact prompted some people to bolt for the doors, pushing security people out of the way. Those customers that did not leave were sent to isolation hotels for a 2 day stay.

80-100k people went on vacation to sunny Hainan Island, only to be locked down and not able to return home. This is Zero Covid, the norm.

Wherever you go in China, you could be immediately locked down.

China's 3 telcos have been delisted from the US, with 5 large cos due soon. Another 270 co's are at risk.

US audit legislation is required for all companies. This protects US and international investors.

Kicking these companies out of US markets will reduce the risk to US investors, and will cut off the CCP and Chinese co's from the US foreign currency trough.

It is long overdue. Using US funds to hurt US companies and people is ridiculous.

China State run media reports on a made in autonomous hydrogen powered 5G tractor, proof of advanced China tech.

It turns out the tractor is a rendering from a $7 animator kit you can buy online.

There is no advanced hydrogen powered autonomous Chinese tractor. Only in your dreams. Kudos to a sub-Reddit animator.

Hainan Island is in lock down, Over 80k tourists trapped on the island. Over 1k infections detected today.

No news of this in SCMP, only about Taiwan Taiwan.

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits the country of Taiwan. A government member of one large democracy visits a smaller democracy. There is nothing wrong or unusual about this.

That believes they own or rule is a figment of their imagination. The Taiwanese people, and therefore their representative government invited Pelosi, and warmly welcomed her.

The visit should be a non-event. The reaction from a thug neighbour was bellicose.

China is a communist country. If you travel or live in China or Hong Kong you may be arbitrarily detained/jailed or not allowed to leave (exit ban). While the risk has not changed in decades, there now seems to be more danger for foreigners and Chinese alike.

Both the US and Canada have long had travel advisories for China.

Canadians have been arbitrarily arrested in in 2012 and 2018. The two Michaels were detained for over 1,000 days.

China is always the victim, in China's eyes. Meanwhile believes it can: break HK's 50 year international agreement, kill and commit genocide on their own Uyghur people, take the whole South China Sea, threaten and enforce Chinese law within Philippine waters, threaten the independent country of Taiwan, steal trade secrets from the West, support Russia in their invasion of a sovereign to name a few.

This is all ok and their right, under the Emperor.

Teacher Mike and his family are stuck in horrendous leper colony-like conditions in a CoVid-19 concentration camp, 2 hrs outside Shanghai

Conditions are atrocious for himself, wife and 5yo kid, Xiao Mai. Birthday Singing for a woman was touching. Slava Ukraini..

I am sure that some Chinese have it much worse than this, but damn, conditions are horrible. This is how people live under China's totalitarian "Covid Zero" policy, or worse.

A new and innovative weight loss diet has recently been extremely popular in and especially sophisticated Shanghai.The "Just in Time", or JIT diet, borrows from China's world class manufacturing sector.

Overly sedentary and plump Chinese are asked to stay in their homes and wait for government delivered food. Only when participants have achieved their weight loss goals are they allowed to leave their homes. An ongoing trial is currently in progress.

Teacher Mike and his family live in Shanghai, and has been locked down for 6 weeks. Somehow despite not being able to leave his compound, they all got infected with CoVid-19.

Little Mike, 3, was told during a PCR test that he might be separated from his Mom. is cruel, but in this case not discriminatory to foreigners.

This is part of their experience of being sent to a quarinting facility two hours away from Shanghai.

China's genocide of Uyghurs is terrible. China's support for Russia's invasion of is unconscionable, but how treats its own people is..not legal by Chinese law?

The CCP does whatever it wants to its people. This is especially apparent now with its "Zero CoVid" policy. Get infected and you'll be forcibly carted off to a concentration camp, your pets will be killed.

It is all very commonplace now, so there's nothing to worry about..if you aren't in China.

China to foreign business: You can't enter China. We dislike and treat foreigners poorly. We won't let goods within travel freely. We're shutting down your factories due to CoVid-19. We support Russia and their invasion of

but we welcome you to invest in China.

If there were more red flags for any country, it would be their friend Russia.

Chinese supply chains are fragile. Shipping has become more expensive. Making stuff closer to home. Slava Ukraini

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