A lack of vaccine transparency, no efficacy numbers, just trust the China CCP. Even Chinese people do not trust domestic vaccines, who have had numerous recent scandals.

No Chinese vaccine mfg has released their efficacy numbers. Brazil said Sinovac is 50.4%. Meanwhile India domestic vaccine is touting 81%. Where is China's high tech medical prowess?

With transparency comes trust. CCP sales pitch: compared to nothing the vaccine is effective! Trust the CCP. 加油 !


China will not reopen borders to the world. Foreign food, people are tainted with CoVid-19, reinfecting Chinese. Foreigners are unwelcome in China. Those that go may need a CoVid-19 anal swab, diplomats included. Chinese will also not travel.

China uses domestic vaccines for vaccine diplomacy, a tool for political gain. Foreigners banned from means much less risk.

Buy Chinese goods, but leave your virus in your own country. Dirty foreigners. By Emperor decree.


China denies giving CoVid-19 anal swab tests to embassy staff. asks China not do anal swab testing on Japanese citizens.

is the only country requiring travellers to have CoVid-19 anal swab testing, though they deny it was done on US Embassy staff. This is easily verified.

Welcome to China, now drop your pants and bend over. This is no proper welcome for any visitor to your country.


Tough life in . Low wages, lots of people, high inflation, few gov't support services, wide income disparity, blatant misogyny, domestic violence is common, add gov't censorship, control and pandemic.

Hukou residency rules make it difficult to move elsewhere. You can move but without medical, schooling for your family.

There's a reason Chinese don't want kids: it is tough just to survive. Kids add a huge financial burden.


Not news, but you can't talk smack about the CCP in . No criticism, no helpful suggestions, no petitions to the Emperor.

You'll land in jail, have your life wrecked, lose your work, wreck your company, ostracized, and then live in poverty. Or maybe you'll be lucky and have a nice tea chat with the police, then monitored.

The taboo list is also long and changing.

This is all perfectly legal, and if it is not then the CCP will override the law anyway.


Canada Parliament declares China's treatment of Uyhgurs a genocide. Evidence is clear and overwhelming.

Prime Minister Trudeau (小土豆)and leadership team does not attend and skips vote. Gutless and shameful.

Parliament also votes to ask Int'l Olympic Committee to move Winter 2022 games from .


Public facing media in China must serve the CCP. HK's RTHK must serve the CCP. There is no independent media. None.

Not only media, but all organizations, entities, schools, individuals must serve the CCP. This law is from the Communist Party Congress 2017 Oct 18. Socialism with Chinese characteristics guides all of China, HK.

"Adhere to the party’s leadership over all work."

can criticize foreign entities, must always support the gov't, CCP, by law.


China bans broadcasting of the BBC, which was already banned in China, outside of foreign hotels.

This comes 7 days after British communications regulator revokes CTGN's license in the UK, because it is controlled by a foreign entity, has no control over content.

The BBC ban timing is uncanny, seeing that it is largely already banned. Is the China long-term plan to remove all Western media, lock the iron gates, throw away the key, or GFW? The Emperor decrees.


China is not multicultural, wants to be less so so HK is a problem.

People of Chinese descent born in are by default Chinese citizens, this article correctly says, but what if you are not Chinese descent and HK born? Are they then stateless?

There is no dual citizenship in or HK. If you are Chinese you cannot access foreign consular services. This is the rule in China.

So many questions with only China law to follow. HK is not different.


Chinese publisher of cooking, health and lifestyle books Geng Xiaonan, is charged and on trial for supporting Qinghua professor Xu Zhangrun, who voiced opposition to the CCP.

She mixed with critics of the and is now paying the price. If private business does not tow the line, there can be severe consequences. You cannot voice dissent.

The CCP giveth and can easily taketh away.


In what started as Hainan Airlines, a small regional airline, with connections and huge financial over-leveraging, built a gigantic network of companies.

Now the bill is due, and HNA is close to bankruptcy. Will the CCP bail out and patch up HNA or will they allow HNA to die?

There has obviously been very little oversight for HNA. How could they over-leverage so much without complicit approval from China's banks? Will HNA be an even bigger Luckin fiasco?


UK Communications regulator revokes China Global Television Network CGTN license, says they do not have control over their content, and are controlled by a political entity. It is obvious to all that CGTN is a CCP mouthpiece.

Complaints against CGTN, which include biased reporting of HK, go back to 2013 and the is only taking action in 2021?

The feelings of the Chinese people are hurt. The BBC has been banned in China since 2014.


CCP rules, law in now. Clearly 1C2S is a mirage. You are either a Mainlander or a foreigner.

Born in HK = Chinese = Mainlander by default, jus solis.

All other citizenship = foreigner. Foreigners require a renewable yearly visa with severe restrictions, must register with the police. Visas not renewed means the visitor must leave HK.

Chinese born can renounce their citizenship, in writing, then will be treated as a foreigner, also require a visa.



CCP promotes state owned enterprises, tolerates private Small Medium Enterprises. Any company >50 employees required to have a CCP person.

Far less support goes to private SMEs than to SOEs. CCP doesn't want to run SMEs, just control them. When private companies get too big they threaten the CCP, Jack Ma, Alibaba head, criticized the CCP, disappears for 2 months, blocks his IPO.

If private co's are subservient to the CCP all is ok. Don't criticize the CCP. Ever.


Canada university classes still only online. Students that take Canada uni classes in China need a VPN to access lectures, class content that the China Great Firewall blocks.

VPNs are illegal in unless CCP approved. Alibaba offers such a VPN, but by law all content, IDs, passwords, network access to uni's must be given to the CCP, if asked.

This is a huge security risk for Canada uni servers and networks, and puts Chinese students at risk of censorship.


Sinovac from China has done stage 3 trials in Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia, but trials are too small, results not released.

Brazil released data showing the vaccine CoronaVax is 50.35% effective but still ok by WHO standards.

China is selling vaccine, pushing vaccine diplomacy, but not releasing efficacy data? Vaccines are unlike shoes and phones. Data must be provided for safety.

Instead China casts doubt on US vaccines. Not helpful.


The pandemic started in China, spread by Chinese travellers worldwide leaving for the 2020 Chinese New Year. The CCP could have but did not stop this in time.

says otherwise and has erased all evidence, forcibly changed all domestic media to the contrary.

Yet the CCP cannot control the rest of the world. Where did this virus originate and how to prevent this from recurring?

The world should not have to suffer so harshly from a CCP mistake.


Transparency increases trust and credibility, which is critical for a new vaccine.

While the two and one vaccine have released their data, no vaccine maker has done so.

Partner firm in Brazil have said their clinical trial of Chinese CoronaVac is 50.35% and not Sinovac's stated 78% effectiveness.

The truth will set you free. Data and proof are necessary for credibility. Released data would put a lot of people at ease, especially in China.


Draconian, dystopian gov't controls in have largely tamed , yet friends there tell me they and the are on high alert, war-time measures. Uneasy feeling.

Infections are growing in many cities. Shijiazhuang, 11M people, 300km SE of Beijing, is under lockdown. Many other cities also have outbreaks. This virus grows.

Chinese New Year is 2021 Feb 11. People are told to not travel beyond their province, or you need special permission. All is not well.


It will be tough for the team to find the root source of CoVid-19 in as the CCP will throw up roadblocks at every turn.

It is a year later, delays aplenty, evidence scrubbed clean, transparency is sorely lacking, but this is important for the world. We cannot let a virus kill so many. How did this occur?

Politics must be put aside for science and humanity. Is this even possible in China?


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