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you ever pour a drink and slosh a little over the side by accident and suddenly you're a barmaid in a rowdy tavern with tales to tell to adventurers willing to tip

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i love mastodon but when do i get to put custom css on my profile so that i can make my page a monstrosity covered in blingee gifs and extremely bad tiling backgrounds

a poem about a himalayan salt rock intended for use by my hamster 

my name is doods
and even wen
theres lots of salt
in my kitchen,
i cant resist
i cant be stopt
i pick it up
i lik the rock

sorry i haven't been here. everything's bad. american healthcare is bad. i don't have anything good to say

searching for an incense box and somehow i typed "incense boi". hello internet where can i buy an incense boi, to hold my incense

Charlie and i are eating some oatmeal. she is also trying to eat my foot for some reason

mental health stuff 

i would probably benefit from the right antidepressant but the last time i tried that i had a reaction so bad i had panic attacks about it for a year and a half

i know it was probably a fluke but when your first experience with something was like a near-death one it's hard to look at it rationally ever again LOL

i got my flu shot and im drinking tons of orange juice im invincible im impervious

89?????? it's fall?????? it's fall. we've had weeks of 60s~70s weather now. the AC unit is in the closet. im contacting the UN this is fucking disgraceful

pumpkin spice has already crossed my lips and i will tolerate no summer weather until next june

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it's supposed to be 86 degrees tomorrow, which is unacceptable and i will be filing a complaint. the sun's seasonally mandated period of sweaty tyranny has ended and i expect and demand better than this

medical/weird dreams 

i had a dream last night that someone agreed to remove my useless idiot bag organ and the fact that i'm getting to the point where a hysterectomy is like a wish my heart makes when i'm fast asleep is probably a sign that i should start pursuing one

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