"bisexuals are just confused" statement partially true. but i'm not confused about my sexuality i just don't understand algebra

@doodlemancy us fellow bi folks are only as confused about the world and ourselves as everyone else in it

@doodlemancy I really hate that bis are just confused statement. I got it a lot from men I dated back in the day and it annoyed the shit out of me. There are no strick categories with clearly defined boundaries and people who say otherwise are the ones who are confused

@StevenDBT in all seriousness it's some bullshit and it sucks that we get it from other people in the LGBT+ community. like if a cishet person is biphobic i'm disappointed but not surprised, but when it's coming from like, gay people... i don't get it lol. that is more confusing than algebra.

@doodlemancy @StevenDBT gays feel like bisexual people somehow hurts their legitimacy and how straight people see them.

@gossamer @doodlemancy It's ridiculous, not as bad as TERFs but really, people, this LCBTQ community means nothing if it doesn't include everyone. That's the whole point - to avoid toxic tribalism.

@doodlemancy "are you gay"

no dad i just want to Fuck All The Things

@chikadee one of these days a 45 year old woman with a "can i speak to the manager" haircut is going to hand me some weird change after i've already told the register she gave me a $20 bill and opened the drawer and she's going to say "can't you do the math?" and i'm going to blurt out "NO IM NOT EVEN STRAIGHT"

@doodlemancy GOD when I was a delivery driver and they handed me cash I always prayed it was never anything complicated and just like "keep the change" or "can I just get 5 back" because I would have had to ask them to do the math for me

@doodlemancy I'm confused about macroeconomics. How did such an influential & important field successfully evade subjecting itself to empirical investigation for so long? Also how are people just figuring their sexuality out right from the start? That's weird to me.

@Sallystrange @doodlemancy For some reason I feel the answers to these questions are inextricably linked. Which means we'll never really know.

@doodlemancy Can confirm. Took me five tries to pass calculus, three to pass statistics.

@doodlemancy have to say, electricity/magnetism are still mystifying as all hell despite taking several classes in them. Defs. a confused bisexual here.

@hafnia @doodlemancy a confused bisexual over here for the same goddamn class

@hafnia @doodlemancy it was the class that almost kept me from earning my chemical engineering degree. I feel your pain

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