I had some fun with inktober this year, but then the semester decided to chew me up and spit me out so I never got to finish

anyone know a reliable site to watch venom on???

If you ain't out here,,,, loving and supporting someone out ere on Mastodon,,,do pray tell? What is the point?


Tried drawing with my non-carpal hand and God did NOT like it

retoot this if you are bisexual, support bisexuals, or you're currently frothing at the mouth

The irony of me having carpal tunnel right now is that I've always been super worried about getting it while drawing, so I do a ton of wrist exercises while I draw, but then i have ONE depressive episode where I play sims for hours on end and God himself decides to smite me

Seeing everyone's art on is making me want to draw scenes from the latest episode so bad!! But I have carpal tunnel in my drawing wrist!! OOF

what's the app for android?? I'm seeing a few third party apps but no official one?

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