"i can't install critical openbsd security patches"

"known issue, wontfix, install X and try again"



also this screen is incredible, i want everything to be e-ink in the future please

i want a mastodon client that keeps track of read/unread toots

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@doof's packaging is top-notch.

The alternating 'doof' and '&knuckles' put a smile on my face.

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I am now in possession of far too many &KNUCKLES stickers

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i FOIA'd king county metro's fare enforcement manual muckrock.com/foi/king-county-7

i requested soundtransit's too, but they're taking longer -- ETA mid-march

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so @ek and I agreed:

if you're trying to start a cooperative/non-profit residential ISP in seattle, wobscale (AS64241) will offer you free transit if you can get a cross-connect to our rack in the westin building exchange.

inquiries: iliana@wobscale.website

tired: geographic unicast
wired: geographic multicast

there's a hard drive in this hotel room. i can hear it spinning up occasionally

mysteryhunt soon mysteryhunt soon mysteryhunt soon

gotta pack
gotta generate some wordlists
hm what else

still haven't found a federated instance that feels right, though... :\

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