Why am I getting ads about drinking less in College?

So is this is just a pamphlet telling you not to drink too much, right?

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Remember that episode of Pinky and The Brain where there was some telemarketing scam but the infommercial lasted long enough that everyone used the bathroom at the same time and therefore the water-cooled computer ran out of water and overheated.

Repo vs Repro is still so hard for me to say correctly...

TFW you are starting to go through a lot of work to try to reproducea bug, gather a bunch of logs and information. And then when you open the file that you'll need to fix, the error is super obvious and if you had just opened it you wouldn't have needed to do any of that other work.

Happy First of May!!
🐦 🐿️ 🌷 🧺 ❤️ 🎆

It only took hitting "update branch" like 6 times today, but my change is in!

Sending someone a PM at work the message "Hi", isn't useful. These are work accounts, include why you are contacting me as well, what you need, etc.

Switching back and forth between printf and Console.WriteLine to debug some programs is really messing with my brain.

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I was just scrolling through Facebook. Apparently they still have your AIM screen name as a field in there...

A reminder for future me...
No, a 4' wide sheet of plywood or plaster board will NOT fit in the Prius. No matter how much you think it will. 😞

I'm a little disappointed that this Bean Bag Onesie isn't decorated to look like Yoshi. It is so close!

I mean, I guess it could be like Vinyl. The kids that grew up with Cassettes want the unique warmth and tonality that only a Cassette Tape can provide. None of the harsh realism that MP3s generate.

Is it an April fools joke or not... Monoprice is apparently coming out with a line of Cassette Tape players? I can't see anything that is saying it is.

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