I want to archive some old cassette tapes. They were designed as 4-Track instead of 2 Stereo tracks. So I need to figure out how to play each side at a very accurate speed. But they are old so I don't need audiophile levels. Help?

Oh, ow! That hurts. I was typing up my latest board game play and my phone predictive text suggested "I got third place."
I mean, I did get third place, but do I really do that bad all the time?

Performance optimizing example code is a weird thing. It is an example, the inputs and outputs are arbitrary and not what anyone would really do. So how optimized do you really try to get?

I am trying to figure out if anyone is still actually using Ello. I keep getting notifications that a post from when they were first created was liked. That and anytime I look at the content there it all seems to be random images, no real content.

The irony of the license agreement for a decompiler saying that you can't decompile it.

Fine... I'll go for my run. I'll try to be "healthy"

Love the marketing that goes "No expense was spared on this..." and then multiple times through out the rest they have to remind you of a feature they don't have.

Here we go again! It is time for The Informal, Unofficial PAX 5k. Come on out and join the fun. Please share with any of your friends that you think might be interested!

My team just spent the last half hour looking at the uses of Emojis in GitHub, file names, bolding them, and equations... 😹

How is your day going?

Really? I don't think they understand how zip codes work. Obfuscating a zip code is pointless if the city/state are right there...

TFW: You are reading email on your laptop. Realize you have to respond to one with details from another email. Power on your desktop and wait for it to boot and reply to the email. THEN realize you could have just done it all from your laptop.

Ooo! I am almost through my plain tortilla chips!! That cycle after a party of "I have tortilla chips, I should get salsa" and "I have salsa, I should get chips" is such a pain.

Saw someone post about etiquette on correction someone online. Naturally is it going to help anyone is key.
Does correcting nuances in copyright and trademark law count? Because it feels like correcting terminology is very important there.

Seeing this get shared around... We need to do something about Climate Change.
(Also, sad that people are sharing clips that don't give credit back)

Why am I getting ads about drinking less in College?

So is this is just a pamphlet telling you not to drink too much, right?

Banking gripes... 

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