Pretty sure Axle made this wholeass site to phish us all.

yaar all these twitter ppl look like shit when you're high lol

why are there no more random cudies on my toimeline πŸ˜”

man this web client is so fuckin slow and sorta glitchy! can't bear it, moving back to pornhub.

Friends, this place won't be a replacement for twitter unless you all get down to some committed shitposting. There's enough serious conversations, but there needs to be some rubbish also.

why are you even here when the whole world is on twitter?

The answer is in the question.

they didn't include Steve Jobs in the 's list :/

what's the smol eye at the top right corner when you open a toot? anyone?

just found out that there's a separate instance already present for desis and it's called inditoot.

a mastodon instance that bans wordplay engineers, a concept

389,500 accounts
+707 in the last hour
+9,504 in the last day
+13,131 in the last week

me tweeting: *looks around cautiously* "m*di has failed ordinary Indians again."


I like potatoes
Want to mash my potatoes
Won't you mash your potatoes with me?

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