This is the official Mastodon account for the site switching.social.

It's a guide for non-technical people who are concerned about protecting their privacy online. It only lists easy-to-use sites and apps that are ethical and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at switching.social

If you know someone who might benefit from this guide, please share the link with them!

#Introductions #NewHere #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #ReplaceFacebook

We are happy to announce the #beta release of #LimeSurvey 4!

To #download it, please check this link: limesurvey.org/development-rel.

You can check the attached screenshots to get an idea about how LimeSurvey 4 will look like.

We also published a #blog post about the new #features that will be introduced in the new release: limesurvey.org/about-us/blog/2

#Forum post: limesurvey.org/forum/news/1183

For any questions & issues, please do not hesitate to write us back. We are looking forward to hearing your inputs!

Our newest manuscript --- improving transparency, inter-study comparability, and robustness of preclinical MRI registration --- is out. Get it while it's hot!

#freeandopenscience #nipype #samri #fmri #datascience #freeanimalresearch #neuroscience


The alternative web browser that I suggest to all my friends is . I am a big fan, but it is so much easier to show an alternative to that blocks ads & trackers by default + the android app is really well optimized.

So. #limesurvey installiert. Auf den ersten Blick etwas umständlich zu bedienen, aber sehr funktionsreich

For those who haven't heard of us before, #LimeSurvey is an online survey software that helps users develop and publish online surveys, collect responses, create statistics, and export the resulting data to other applications. It is a #FOSS written in #PHP which was created in 2003, distributed under GPLv2.

The development is governed at the moment by LimeSurvey GmbH, which was co-founded by the long-term project leader Carsten Schmitz.


Guess who just joined Mastodon 😎 .

We will be posting here news, blog posts, and tricks you can use to create the perfect survey.

Thank you @fosstodon for hosting us! We're looking forward to join the growing Mastodon community!

Grüße aus Hamburg 😍

#foss #survey #research

Community & QA Manager at @LimeSurvey. Working for a company that supports . Haven't been so excited in a while! Got questions about ? Recommendations on how to develop our ? Don't hesitate to tag/PM me!

We are really excited to be introducing our new community forums! With the introduction of our Flarum-based community forums, we will have a new centerpiece to community engagement that provides us with the user experience and flexibility we've long desired. Read more at getsol.us/2019/03/01/introduci

Swedish government considers "US Office clouds unsafe"! Government organizations should use Swedish hosted cloud technologies.
#selfhosting with #nextcloud is the easiest way to compliance for any organization!

World: Google, you are so smart, impartial, and benevolent, please write all our protocols and standards.

Google: Oh yeah, btw, we don’t think you should be able to protect yourself from being tracked on our browser.

Google to break uBlock Origin on Chromium.


#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google

We now have another new Global Maintainer! World, meet Rune (a.k.a ermo in IRC). He's been responsible for supporting, integrating, and documenting Samba, as well as supporting Kodi on #Solus!

If you'd like to read about him or follow him on his social media, check out our Team page! getsol.us/solus/team/

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