We have started organizing our "digital office". Did you have any difficulties setting it up? How can you quickly adopt a #remoteworker mindset? What about work-life balance? Share your advice with us below 🤔

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Jeff ' phone was hacked through a phishing type attack (malware infected video), evidently, by the deeply corrupt Saudi Arabian government and Saudi crown prince.

Apparently no one is immune to such attacks. We need mobile security to become far better than this. Furthermore, accountability and justice must be served.

Jeff Bezos hack: boss's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince'


Using @ubuntu everywhere (work, home, server). The distro and community behind it are awesome! Beautiful and rock-stable! <3

P.s. Donating right now.

@only_office + @nextcloud finally working on my VPS (@strato_ag + @Plesk ). Just beautiful. Real alternative to GSuite and Microsoft Services.

Next step: @ttrss and @TryGhost.

And ofc, @LimeSurvey. ^^

The #LimeSurvey team would like to wish everybody #HappyHolidays. May these days be filled with joy and laughter. ☺️ 🎄🎅

BVM e.V. invited us next Thursday to talk about #opensource and how it can enrich product development. The perfect opportunity for @lacrioque to present LimeSurvey 4 and how our community shapes the introduction of new features!

For further information, check the link below: bvm.org/termine-weiterbildung/

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What happens sooner:

I blogged on OpenSource .com about the new United Nations Open Source initiative and why it is great for the world. opensource.com/article/19/11/u

Big fan of . Love their feature. Hope they can soon adopt the user-centric approach (my money going only to the artists I listen to).

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