B.S.S Jane Seymour: Federation Quest 1/Spacewrecked: 14 Billion Light Years From Earth (Celestial Software/Gremlin Graphics Software, 1991)

A birbsite thread about why you might wanna skip buying Keen Dreams on the Switch. (TLDR: The guy who owns the rights is a nazi)

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A new episode of DOS Nostalgia Podcast is here!

Writer, podcaster, and game designer Mat Bradley-Tschirgi returns once again, this time to discuss the legendary PC platformer series from id Software and Apogee. Can we look at these games without rose colored glasses? Find out as we go through all of the adventures of Billy Blaze!

Download MP3: dosnostalgia.com/podcast/dosno

Listen on YouTube: youtu.be/aWLf4zGq_DY

Check out Westwood Movie Collection 1985 - 1995!
A selection of internal photos and videos, along with a doze of game footage and music, documenting the history of Westwood Studios prepared by them for their 10th anniversary

Inside my hard drive's breaking, my keyboard may be flaking, but my screen still stays on. DOS must go on!

Conquest of the New World: Deluxe Edition (Quicksilver Software/Interplay Productions, 1997)

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