Acting on your best behavior
Turn your back on Mother Nature
Everybody wants to rule the MIDI


DOS games! Woo-oo!
Everyday we're out there playing
DOS games! Woo-oo!


If you missed my last night's stream where I played the Super Nintendo port of DOOM (and also Wolfenstein 3D on SNES and Genesis,) you can check it out here:

So what I learned last night is that SNES port of DOOM is good, actually. 🤷

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Tonight's jam: The theme from the 2010 satirical exploitation film "The Taint" 🎶

Spent the entire day fucking around with old shit getting it ready for the upcoming Long Island Retro Gaming Expo (August 12 - 14). It's gonna be EPIC!

But I will go down with this ship
And I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I'm in love and always will be


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