Everyone! I have an important announcement to make:
I have found the *best* cover artwork of a DOOM CD compilation

Other upcoming DOOM anniversaries:
- Registered version release:
December 16th (25 years)
- Source code release:
December 23rd (21 years)
- Retail release:
April 30th (24 years)

Also I feel like I'm forgetting something.... Oh yeah: FUCK CAPITALISM!

I don't think there's a recent piece of any media that affected me as much as Twin Peaks: The Return. Simply incredible.

Started rewatching Twin Peaks: The Return again to battle possible crisis of 20 straight days of work. It worked! Tonight it's episode 8, and tomorrow is the last day before a day off!

A sudden realization that you were in a desperate need of a better computer.

(Although that srp notation wasn't there originally, and was added in version 1.2)

Happy TWENTY FIFTH Birthday to the shareware version of DOOM! (Suggested retail price $9.00)

Larry being "restarted" in the original version of Leisure Suit Larry (1987)

Enhanced version of the French cinematic platformer classic Flashback has been added to GOG's catalog:

Castle Master II: The Crypt (Incentive Software/Domark Software, 1990)

Louis Gorenfeld, an awesome DOS enthusiast and a great musician, just released a musicdisk. Check it out!

I finally got a chance to be a guest on DOS Games Club podcast, where I got to talk about one of my favorite DOS games of all time - Alone in the Dark!

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