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Impulse Tracker v2.03 (Jeffrey Lim, 1996)

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The author of IT, Jeffrey Lim, wrote a series of blog posts on the 20th anniversary -

First part here:

Link to a search containing the remaining parts:

Very much worth reading if you're interested in the history of the program.

Impulse Tracker is important to me. It was the first tracker I used, and the most popular tracker program among my music friends in high school.

@cev @dosnostalgic

wow, not sure i ever read this.
i am too, a child of music trackers, BBSs, Future Crew, Unreal and Second Reality demos. specifically i started making computer music on Scream Tracker 2 and 3 and finally Impulse Tracker.

thanks for these links!

(also #SchismTracker -

@dosnostalgic so many hours spent playing with Impulse when I was younger. Good memories.