@dosnostalgic Army of darkness is becoming an old movie while Duke just had a relaunch a few years back.

2 and (especially) 3 need to be immortalized though.

@Electronic_Bunny @dosnostalgic Duke Nukem will be forgotten long before Army of Darkness does, so 🤷

@polychrome @dosnostalgic One day, and when it does the pol will change, but not today unfortunately.

@polychrome @dosnostalgic Nahhh what you like is what you like. I was just saying I understand the poll going Duke even though I think Army is better due to its recentness. I mentioned Army to some younger individuals recently and I was so saddened they didn't know about the boomstick or devouring weird little mimics of yourself.

@Electronic_Bunny @dosnostalgic you can change that :3

Introducing them to AoD would be much easier than playing Duke.

@polychrome @dosnostalgic Thats true I could.

And you know what I am wrong, Army of darkness did have a reboot recently. It was the Evil Dead reboot (which was actually pretty damn good), but doesn't reference its material anywhere near as much as the Duke reboot. So I'm most likely just looking too deep into a poll xD

@dosnostalgic That's weird, have I been using the word "sad" wrong? Because I was pretty sure it didn't mean the same thing as "awesome"

@dosnostalgic if you were to remove the comma, I'd probably think that it was about President Baby Hands.

@dosnostalgic good, bad, at least ash is still the guy with the gun
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