"Keen Dreams" episode of Commander Keen is now also available on in addition to Nintendo Switch. Do not buy it as part of the profit goes to the current owner Javier Chavez, who is a nazi.

@dosnostalgic y i k e s

that's extra gross considering id's prior art, such as the game where you play as a jewish guy fighting evil nazis :blobcattilt:

Keen Dreams is not id, AFAIK. Independent unofficial episode, which is why it lapsed in copyright.

@aladar @dosnostalgic hmm, according to wikipedia it was developed by id, but it was published by softdisk rather than their usual publisher, apogee? and that's what caused the different copyright situation

regardless, nazis profiting from commander keen is Super Yikes :blobcattilt:

@dosnostalgic thanks for the heads-up. too bad for such an innocent game.

@dosnostalgic @fasterthanlime I don't think should help nazis make money. Please consider delisting Keen Dreams.

@dosnostalgic their hovertank 3d conversion is also on itch now:

(and wow, yeah, that username...)

i've reported them and i'd invite other folks to do the same.

@six This looks pretty different from the Hovertank reskin that he shat out. But yeah, report him anyway. Fuck that guy.

@dosnostalgic Yeah, his tweet was clearly anti-semitic.

Glad to see Twitter took action.

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