@djsundog @dosnostalgic There is a new thing now that does the same thing, but wireless. It can even print on concrete!

@kelseyhusky @dosnostalgic if your printer ain't got RS232 then I don't want none ;p

(just kidding, that's awesome actually)

@dosnostalgic i too want to print the name of my dorky handheld printing device on a woman's silky shaven ass

@dosnostalgic I'll print on anything. I'll print on you. I don't care. I'LL PRINT ON YOUR ASS. I'LL PRINT ON YOUR MOM'S ASS. *TRY* *AND* *STOP* *ME*

@dosnostalgic ........ what will they print on the butt, i am sure it's very wholesome :angrycry:
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