Cosmology of Kyto is a prime example of videogames as art. And also the only example of horror - edutainment hybrid. You get to explore Kyoto in 900s, and witness & interact with many events, all of them based on folklore and history. There's a point to all of it. You can finish the actual game part, and explore tons of optional stuff. You can die at the hand of many demons, but you also get reincarnated shortly afterwards.

Roger Ebert, the man who famously questioned the idea of interactive gaming as art, loved Cosmology of Kyoto

The English version of the game is still in Japanese, which is honestly great and only adds more to the atmosphere.

The game was released in a limited run, so it is very rare, but the download is out there. Because I would love 4 more people to discover it, the simplest way to run it on a modern Windows machine would be to download a package from The Collection Chamber:
(it uses DosBox + Win3.1 to run the game & it glitches where it shows a white box instead of text that you enter. It's fairly small glitch, and doesn't affect much. Alt + Enter gives you full screen. Ctrl + S to save.)


This game seems really interesting. I have never used DosBox but this is a good reason to spin it up. Thanks for sharing this game!

P.s. I love the japanese audio, really add the touch of immersion.

@danyspin97 This is a ready-to-go package. Everything is already taken care of. Just have to run it.


I run Linux and by my understanding the package is Windows only, did I misunderstood? 😅

@dosnostalgic @oloturia That's Cosmology of Kyōto! °o° I've played that!

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