(At this moment it appears you can use code READ15 on lulu to get $5 off the paperback edition)

@dosnostalgic Those are some arbitrary prices for each individual ebook format, though. And charging for each separate format? :blobtilt:

@Jo Yes, he picked lulu as a service, and that's how they work. Eventually it'll hit Amazon and book stores, and it'll probably be cheaper at least in stores, while Amazon usually provides Kindle version in addition to physical.

@dosnostalgic @Jo FWIW Lulu is a very low fiction platform (AKA its easier for authors) so its a popular place to publish even if it's not as big as Amazon or Apple markets. If you prefer them in Kindle or iTunes just wait for them there

@plsburydoughboy @dosnostalgic I was just thinking they might want to take a leaf out of Bandcamp's book (no pun intended), you know?

@dosnostalgic I already placed an order! :blobowo:​ although I do wish the paperback would also get you a digital download.

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