@dosnostalgic "Tomorrow's X [usually technology] today" was such a pervasive slogan in the late 1980's and early 1990's it was ridiculous.

It was also demonstrably false given the speed of technological change at the time.


History of Windows in 1 post:
1. IBM wants an OS
2. Bill Gates doesn't have one
3. Bill signs an NDA
4. Bill calls Gary Kildall but can't really say anything
5. Gary Kildall ignores Bill and goes out flying his plane
6. IBM goes to Gary's house but leaves angry
7. IBM asks Bill again and he says he'll do it, except...
8. Bill buys QDOS for $50K, which is basically a copy of CP/M, the OS Gary invented
9. Re-brands it as "MS-DOS"
10. Licenses it to IBM
11. Few years later: Windows

@dosnostalgic boots 50 times faster than my work's swanky Thinkpad

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