Korean Dungeon Boy/초롱이의 모험 (Computer War System, 1991)

A pretty unique thing about "Korean Dungeon Boy" is that the game is designed for Hercules graphics, and therefore is both high resolution & monochrome. There's CGA support, but it uses a 320x200 mode instead of high res one, and smooshes gfx both ways & ends up looking like ass

Also the registered version is bundled with an easy to use menu driven map editor written in GW-BASIC.

@dosnostalgic oh what, I didn't realized the registered version was out there! This rules!

@dosnostalgic Oh man, this Korean Dungeon Boy looks awesome - especially in Hercules. I wish I had it when I had my Hercules machine in the early 90s.

Also, that map screen is just so much my aesthetic!

@dosnostalgic the art for the monochrome version is charming as all heck

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