@mrsaturday @dosnostalgic >skifree

Man FUCK the yeti, I was just a little kid and it scared the shit out of me

@dosnostalgic desert for me. I think that was my favorite. Hot dog lol burns my retinas

@dosnostalgic ha, memories of a lab of students figuring out a way to make all the Win3 boxes come up black on black with black hilights

@claudiom @dosnostalgic Shame that the window areas??? the Grey parts, wasn't Tan like a Bun. :ms_smirk:

@Darkness_89 @dosnostalgic Well, of you consider it coming from an actual hot dog stand, then the bun, or even the meat, might be a tad gray. 馃槣馃槄

@claudiom @dosnostalgic Gas station hot dogs are good imo, I like the Vinegar taste.
I wonder how long they soak them in vinegar to get that flavor? I tried over 10 mins and they still tasted plain.

@dosnostalgic And the winter of the worst color scheme ever goes to鈥

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